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Hastings Angling Centre News
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Updated 14/6/20






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1. Latest news

2. Sea match results

3. Coarse match results

4. Forthcoming matches and events


Prospects for the week

Calm and warm for most of the week - boats could get out quite a bit!

Short tides so no fresh lug about until late in the week, possibly Thursday.

Good chance of mackerel off the beaches over high tide.


Latest catches



Whats being caught

Beach: Plaice soles bass and smoothounds. The odd conger also being had again.

Boat: Plaice rays hounds bass pollack and codlings! Yes quite a few codlings about on rough rough especially.

Carp: Very busy everywhere

Coarse: Rivers open on Tuesday.

Trout: Powermill season holders onlyat the moment. Evenings best during bright spells.

Forthcoming matches


Contact the shop (01424 432178) for details on all matches, email us for entry forms and details.

Open Beach Competitions 2020 - all cancelled until further notice

All lug, fish and squid baits only. Saturdays unless indicated otherwise.



29th August 1900-2300 Dave Moore

19th Sept 1000-1500 Hollingsworth

3rd Oct 0930-1430 Coronation

17/18th Oct Beach Festival 0900-1400,1000-1500

1st Nov Sunday South Coast Beach Champs 0900-1400

21st Nov 1130-1630 Hastings Angling Centre Open

5th Dec 1000-1500 DaveRead/Colin Pickard Memorial

26th Dec Black Cat Charity 1000-1200


Boat Matches - all cancelled until further notice.


6th August Club Festival 0800-1800

6th September Autumn Plaice Comp 0700-1500

17th Oct Saturday Midnight shield 1800-2300

1st Nov Autumn Cod Comp 0800-1600







Hastings & St Leonards AA open beach match for Reg Willis Cup

Fished on Saturday 1st February with an increasingly stiff SW wind and building quite big sea. At least it was dry and mild. The heavily coloured sea produced a lot of undersize whiting, lots of rockling a few dabs and flounders and a decent bunch of dogfish.

The winner fishing on peg 1 was Ralph Crosby with 13 fish for 7lb 6oz including 4 dogfish.
Runner up on peg 2 was Eddie Ryder who also had 4 dogs and a couple of bits weighing 5lb 7oz.

Heaviest fish on the day was a whiting of 37 cm caught by Steve Swan weighing 15oz. Dogfish are all credited with 1lb 4oz and returned immediately and don’t count for heaviest fish.

A Section
1st. Eddie Ryder - 5lb 7oz
2nd. Julian French - 4lb 1oz
3rd. Sam Sampson- 3lb 1oz

B Section
1st. Ben Arnold. - 5lb 3oz
2nd. Steve Swann. - 5lb 1oz
3rd. Mick Snelling. - 3lb 9oz

Hastings Angling Centre Open


This year’s Hastings Angling Centre Open beach match was fished on Sunday in very mild conditions with a gentle southerly breeze and very welcome sunshine. After some good winds earlier in the week the sea was still quite coloured. There were lots fish caught unfortunately most of them were undersize whiting.

Top Rod was Mick Snelling picking up the £300 first prize! Mick had 21 fish for 6lb 8oz and was fishing at the New Church beach.

A Section
1st. Dave Falk. 5lb 7oz
2nd. Ralph Crosby. 5lb 4oz
3rd. Darren Bond. 4lb 12oz

B Section
1st. Nick May. 5lb 12oz
2nd. Stephen Hanks 3lb 12oz
3rd. Mark Rogers. 3lb 8oz

C Section
1st. Colin Crosby. 2lb 12oz
2nd tied Brett Green 2lb 11.3oz and Steve Arthur 2lb 11.3oz, same number of fish also.

Heaviest flatfish and top lady was Maralyn Wicks with a sole of 14.4oz sole

Heaviest round fish was a bass of 14oz caught by Paul Tiltman

Winning pair was Darren Bond and Dave Falk with 10lb 3oz.

Thanks to the organisers Colin and Ralph Crosby and Mark Hinxman for a very well run event, Hastings & St Leonards AA for hosting the event 


Dave Read Memorial Trophy

A very good turnout of top anglers fished the annual Dave Read memorial match last Saturday. Conditions were good with a sharp chilly ESE wind giving a good surf and plenty of colour in the water. The whitings arrived in some numbers with some large bags being made. Lack of quality fish though, maybe due to the hordes of whitings not giving anything else a chance to find the bait.

Winner yesterday fishing at Stamco was Eddie Ryder with 29 fish for 10 lb 12oz.

Best flatfish was Stuart Homewood’s flounder of 13.4oz the heaviest round went to Paul Tiltman with a bass of 14oz.

A Zone

1st Nathen Elliott 22 fish 8lb 4oz

2nd Paul Parsons 22 fish 7lb 8oz

3rd Kerry Saint 15 fish 6lb 12oz

B Zone

1st Saul Page 24 fish 9lb 9oz

2nd Colin Crosby 24 fish 8lb 5oz

3rd Nick May 19 fish 8lb 4oz

C Zone

1st Keith Erridge 22 fish 8lb 2oz

2nd Ian Hopper 22 fish 7lb 12oz

3rd Brett Cotter 21 fish 7lb 11oz

Black Cat Charity match

This years Boxing day Black Cat charity match was held in very poor conditions of a very stiff ESE wind putting up a very big sea and often driving rain as well. Good job it was only 2 hours!

Ralph Crosby won it with 1lb 12oz. With the raffle a very creditable £230 was raised for the MacMillan Nurses.